Monday, 27 January 2014

Ben's 7 and 8 month update

As Ben is now actually 9 months old, but a lot has changed in the past month so his 9 month update will soon be up. A bit different to the past couple of months where not much did change.

Ben is loving his solids, each time I make a new puree I try and do it a bit lumpier than the last one, he is definitely getting better with lumps, and eats smooth foods super fast now, like sweet potato and fromage frais, along with his Ready Brek. He's learning the concept of chewing well, I must start giving him more finger foods though, like toast. He tends to put too much in his mouth though, so I'm so scared about him chocking.

Movement wise, he' scooching around so fast, on his tummy, and getting into the crawling position, but not crawling. I really wish he would start crawling soon, but atleast he is on the move. Sitting up wise he now topples over a lot less, he still does it.
He loves going for things he's not allowed to, like wires,  Christmas tree decorations, tinsel, or he'll find some kind of rubbish and put it in his mouth, so I have to watch him all the while. He is quite independent and will play on his own if he's in the ride mood to.

Aswel as saying mama, he now says baba, rara, and papa. He hasn't said dada yet. I do wonder if that's because of his tongue tie, because most babies say dada as their first word.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year everyone, hope you all had a great year, and have an evnen better 2014.

I have been reading a lot of yearly reviews on other peoples blogs, I got the need to write one myself.

January and February were spent house hunting, around working. We found a houe we like, but had 2 offers turned down, so continued looking, which turned out to be a blessing,  as we found a much nicer house, and had a bid excepted below what they were asking. I also started my maternity leave at the end of February. March was spent sorting and waiting for our house to go through and for our baby to arrive. April arrived, with no signs of labour or house buying completion date. Then on the Tuesday after my due date I had my nesting session, and on Wednesday starting having signs thst labour was imminent. Finally went into established labour on late Saturday night, and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on Sunday 14th April at 17:40. So the next few weeks were spent getting sleepless nights and looking after my son. The house sale finally went through as well. And we moved in, in July. In September we went on our first family holiday to France with Steve's parents, his nan and her friend. The weather wasn't the best, but sometimes it's just nice to get away. October I spent relaxing and Christmas shopping, as in November I returned to work after my maternity leave. December was spent finishing the Christmas shopping, for Ben's first Christmas. He won't remember it but mummy and daddy will.

A massive year with the birth of our first baby and buying our first house. Hoping 2014 will be s good year too.

To look back on my aims for the year, some I accomplished,  buying our first house, being a good mum, losing my baby weight (I never put that much on in the end). The being more organised I feel like I half accomplished.

So my aims for this coming year:
1. Continue being a good parent to Ben.
2. Organise a good 1st birthday party for him.
3. Help Ben to continue to learn.
4. Organise my life and the house better.
5. Expand my blog, write more posts