Thursday, 28 May 2015

What's in Bens Toiletry Bag Menorca 2015

Another holiday post! Sorry about them all but I love seeing what people take on holiday!

Ben's bag consists of:
Boots Soltan suncream for kids factor 50
Avene Thermal Water Spray
Childs Farm Top to Toesie Cleaning Kit
Organic Children Lotion and Aftersun
Xpel Kids Mosquito and Insect Repellent bands - Poundland
Calpol sachets
Teetha sachets

Monday, 25 May 2015

My Carry On Menorca 2015

For my carry on bag I'm using this massive bag from Primark - and it does fit within the regulations, plus It's not totally full so can be squashed down. I bought this a few years ago, but I'm sure they would have something similar in there now.

Firstly I have any liquids and pain relief, Ben's toothbrush and toothpaste, some make-up and a hair tie. I also need to add in some ibuprofen for me just in case. The bag I bought off amazon, got a set of 5 for really cheap.

Some essentials for Ben, blanket, wipes, bib and a small changing mat.

The changing mat has room to store nappies. This is great and I got it free with a magazine. As I said above the mat is really small, but I like to make sure I have something under neath Bens bottom half when I change him in public places. This way I only have to grab the wipes and this mat and can leave Steve with the bags when I go change him.

A few more things for us to do with Ben, a couple of sticker books, another story book, And a plain notepad that we can draw and write in.

For myself I have some face wipes, my tangle teezer and both sets of my Rayban sunglasses.

Can't forget the essentials, my purse (with everything that is not needed removed) and our various travel documents.

A couple of magazines, I'm hoping Ben will amuse himself for a bit so I can flick through these!

Lastly electricals, I actually forgot to add in my ipod and earphones, but it's on my list of things to add into the bag before we leave. Here I have my kindle, camera, tablet & charger and my phone.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ben's Carry On Menorca 2015

So after my research that I have done on what to take with us on holiday for Ben, this is what is in his carry on. Some things are in mine as they won't fit in his backpack though. You'll see my carry on in the next post.

His monkey backpack is by Skiphop, we bought ours from Jojo Maman Bebe back last year for when we went to France. I love it because it has the front section and a little side pocket as well.

In the front section I've managed to squeeze in a couple of nappies (am planning on us each having 2 on us - just got to put a couple in Steve's carry on when he's sorted it), a pack of playing cards, just for Ben to look at, a Peppa Pig colouring set, which is a little colouring book and some wax crayons. That was only £1 from Wilkos and they had other varieties too. And also his pencil case with some Crayola Twistable crayons, and I also sneaked my pencils for my doing me puzzles in there as well.

In the main section the first things are Ben's sippy cup - we'll just be using this for water on holiday, and will be travelling with it empty. Lots of snacks! I'm not sure what Ben will want to eat, and he needs things to eat during take off and landing to help his ears pop.

An activity book - we will have to help him do this, but there's also some stickers in there! And a colouring book from Poundland.

Some reading books, the Peep Inside one's a great as Ben loves the flaps, and the Busy Airport one has dials to turn.

Lastly a few toys, the dinosaurs I picked up in Morrisons for £1.50, we have a little pack of flash cards from The Early Learning Centre, think these were £2. And some cars that I picked up in B&M.

As regards to drinks I will be taking a bottle of water for us on the coach, which will then be thrown before security. And I always get some water from Boots once we're through security, I always make sure I have enough advantage card points so I don't have to pay for them though! Haha!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Update #3

As I haven't done an update post in a while, and am just in the mood for talking I thought I'd do one.

I'll start off with my job situation. I said in my last update post about my job no longer existing, so we all had a vigorous interview process to go through. I actually came 2nd out of those that applied for my department, meaning I got the job. However I decided not to accept the position as Team Manager and will be stepping down to a General Assistant come the beginning of June.

The main reason for this was because of Ben - he is my priority right now. I work because I have too, we can't survive on just Steve's wages and I like having a bit of money of my own. I also would love to have another baby, preferably sooner rather than later, but I have to work Steve around as at the minute he doesn't want another baby. But I am so so broody. So basically the new role would have included a LOT more paperwork than what I do now - which is basically nothing. And I would be expected to stay on and help on deep cleaning Sundays, and if I had to get some paperwork done, and hadn't managed it during the day I would have to stay. I don't want to go a whole day without seeing Ben, and I definitely would not have the energy to do that when and if I am pregnant again. So myself and the store and personnel managers had a good discussion and decided it would be for the best if I step down.

All I can think about right now is our holiday to Menorca, it's come around so fast and is now just 2 weeks away. The spare room is a mess with our suitcases and holiday stuff on the floor in there. But I will be packing at the end of the week, as I like to be organised, and then can focus on housework the week before. As I have to come back to a clean house after our holidays.

Something else I'm really excited about is a trip to Wembley a week today! I do support Norwich City, and cannot wait to go watch us in the play-off final against Middlesbrough. We did brilliant against Ipswich the past 2 Saturdays, Games that were more than just a Derby for both teams, thankfully we came out on top, and it was totally deserved we played better than them - also finished above them in the league, and have now beaten them 3 times and drawn once this season! I have just been and fished out my banner that I've had, as we've had many ups (and some downs) since I have been a supporter, so I've had this banner a while. My sister is sorting out confetti and inflatables. It is just going to be the most amazing day. My mum is babysitting Ben, as she's the only one available to, Steve's parents are off on holiday themselves on Friday.

The next few posts on here are going to be all holiday related, once they're done I won't be scheduling any more for when we are actually away, but when I'm back you can expect a few holiday posts of what we've done, probably some tips for travelling with a toddler on a plane, and a hotel review.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ben's 24/25 Month Update

I was planing on doing Ben's next update around his 2nd birthday, just never got around to it. And today he is 25 months old! I seriously cannot believe it!

It's still really hard to take photos of Ben, so I got some whilst he was snacking yesterday, and the rest I took today telling him to get in his car! Which I am so glad he is now willing to do.

I believe I said in my last post that he gets upset and scared in new places or places he doesn't recognise. He is a lot better with this now!

We went to an 80th birthday party on Saturday, and as it didn't start till 7PM, he hadn't napped all day and it was somewhere new I was a bit apprehensive as to what he would be like. At the beginning he asked to go back outside, but other than that and a little crying he was great! So thankfully that is improving, next we have to tackle our holiday journey and then the hotel.

His talking is going amazing, he puts together so many sentences now, and says new words every day. Either copying what Steve and I say or what he here's on the TV. He loves his numbers, and counting!

He's started pulling the books and DVDs off the shelves again, he did this a while ago, and when he stopped we were so happy. Hopefully he'll stop soon! He's also started bending books. And he has ripped a couple of his, but after a stern telling off he hasn't done this since.

Still on going with potty training. We had a good go last week, but he would go on the floor, and this is after we've just had a few minutes of sitting on the potty as well. So I'm just waiting till after our holiday now.

He is so cheeky! I'll ask him to come downstairs, take him to the top of the stairs and start going down so he can follow, he then runs off into the spare room laughing!

We've also had a few paddies one was when we were shopping last weekend, he just started crying for no real reason, but I know this is to be expected in the terrible two's.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekly Meal Plan #001

I thought it would make a good post to do our weekly meal plan.

Just a few little things to note before hand though. On Mondays it's just Ben and ! for Dinner, as Steve work's till 8PM. We eat together on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday I have my main meal and lunchtime and Steve does himself and Ben something in the evening. Saturdays are normally take-aways and Sundays Steve normally goes for lunch round his parents, of course taking Ben with him as I'm at work.

Sweet and Sour Chicken and brown rice - This I made in the slowcooker and froze the left overs

Macaroni Cheese and garlic bread

Chicken Korma and naan bread, rice for Ben - I just use a Pataks paste jar and follow the instructions

Fish and Chips - freezer (me)

Pasta and red pesto with a vegi burger (me)


Pepperoni Pizza (me)

I'm trying to cut down on my meat on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes, and bought some vegetarian things from Sainsbury's to put with pasta.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

New Skincare Additions

The L'Oreal serum that I was using has started becoming less and less effective for my skin, so I finished up the bottle, and was thinking about what to use instead to help combat those pesky spots.

I looked into exfoliating toners. The Ren seemed the easiest one for me to get hold of, as it's sold in M&S so along I popped to their beauty section and purchased it. I've only been using it for about a week, but so far so good. Am also considering purchasing the Clarins one in Duty Free when I go on holiday.

Now this I actually got for free when I purchased my Cleane, Tone and Polish set from Liz Earle as I needed some back-ups ready for when they all ran out. This is essentially a moisturiser and can be used before your normal moisturiser or alone. I haven't used this yet, am actually going to take it on holiday with me, and use it as part of my evening skincare routine before bed, in hope that it will help with putting the moisture back into my skin after the days sun exposure.

First of all Bioderma is now sole on FeelUnique, although I purchased mine from amazon before they started selling it. I bought this as an extra to use in the morning, before my moisturiser to help combat those spots, and make my skin more radiant. I have yet to try this as I'm finishing off something else first (I always have loads of things open for some reason).