Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekly Meal Plan #001

I thought it would make a good post to do our weekly meal plan.

Just a few little things to note before hand though. On Mondays it's just Ben and ! for Dinner, as Steve work's till 8PM. We eat together on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday I have my main meal and lunchtime and Steve does himself and Ben something in the evening. Saturdays are normally take-aways and Sundays Steve normally goes for lunch round his parents, of course taking Ben with him as I'm at work.

Sweet and Sour Chicken and brown rice - This I made in the slowcooker and froze the left overs

Macaroni Cheese and garlic bread

Chicken Korma and naan bread, rice for Ben - I just use a Pataks paste jar and follow the instructions

Fish and Chips - freezer (me)

Pasta and red pesto with a vegi burger (me)


Pepperoni Pizza (me)

I'm trying to cut down on my meat on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes, and bought some vegetarian things from Sainsbury's to put with pasta.

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