Monday, 25 May 2015

My Carry On Menorca 2015

For my carry on bag I'm using this massive bag from Primark - and it does fit within the regulations, plus It's not totally full so can be squashed down. I bought this a few years ago, but I'm sure they would have something similar in there now.

Firstly I have any liquids and pain relief, Ben's toothbrush and toothpaste, some make-up and a hair tie. I also need to add in some ibuprofen for me just in case. The bag I bought off amazon, got a set of 5 for really cheap.

Some essentials for Ben, blanket, wipes, bib and a small changing mat.

The changing mat has room to store nappies. This is great and I got it free with a magazine. As I said above the mat is really small, but I like to make sure I have something under neath Bens bottom half when I change him in public places. This way I only have to grab the wipes and this mat and can leave Steve with the bags when I go change him.

A few more things for us to do with Ben, a couple of sticker books, another story book, And a plain notepad that we can draw and write in.

For myself I have some face wipes, my tangle teezer and both sets of my Rayban sunglasses.

Can't forget the essentials, my purse (with everything that is not needed removed) and our various travel documents.

A couple of magazines, I'm hoping Ben will amuse himself for a bit so I can flick through these!

Lastly electricals, I actually forgot to add in my ipod and earphones, but it's on my list of things to add into the bag before we leave. Here I have my kindle, camera, tablet & charger and my phone.

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