Monday, 18 May 2015

Update #3

As I haven't done an update post in a while, and am just in the mood for talking I thought I'd do one.

I'll start off with my job situation. I said in my last update post about my job no longer existing, so we all had a vigorous interview process to go through. I actually came 2nd out of those that applied for my department, meaning I got the job. However I decided not to accept the position as Team Manager and will be stepping down to a General Assistant come the beginning of June.

The main reason for this was because of Ben - he is my priority right now. I work because I have too, we can't survive on just Steve's wages and I like having a bit of money of my own. I also would love to have another baby, preferably sooner rather than later, but I have to work Steve around as at the minute he doesn't want another baby. But I am so so broody. So basically the new role would have included a LOT more paperwork than what I do now - which is basically nothing. And I would be expected to stay on and help on deep cleaning Sundays, and if I had to get some paperwork done, and hadn't managed it during the day I would have to stay. I don't want to go a whole day without seeing Ben, and I definitely would not have the energy to do that when and if I am pregnant again. So myself and the store and personnel managers had a good discussion and decided it would be for the best if I step down.

All I can think about right now is our holiday to Menorca, it's come around so fast and is now just 2 weeks away. The spare room is a mess with our suitcases and holiday stuff on the floor in there. But I will be packing at the end of the week, as I like to be organised, and then can focus on housework the week before. As I have to come back to a clean house after our holidays.

Something else I'm really excited about is a trip to Wembley a week today! I do support Norwich City, and cannot wait to go watch us in the play-off final against Middlesbrough. We did brilliant against Ipswich the past 2 Saturdays, Games that were more than just a Derby for both teams, thankfully we came out on top, and it was totally deserved we played better than them - also finished above them in the league, and have now beaten them 3 times and drawn once this season! I have just been and fished out my banner that I've had, as we've had many ups (and some downs) since I have been a supporter, so I've had this banner a while. My sister is sorting out confetti and inflatables. It is just going to be the most amazing day. My mum is babysitting Ben, as she's the only one available to, Steve's parents are off on holiday themselves on Friday.

The next few posts on here are going to be all holiday related, once they're done I won't be scheduling any more for when we are actually away, but when I'm back you can expect a few holiday posts of what we've done, probably some tips for travelling with a toddler on a plane, and a hotel review.

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