Thursday, 11 August 2016

0 - 14 Weeks Pregnant First Trimester Baby #2

I figured the best thing to do after announcing my pregnancy was a re cap of it so far, and then I hope to do as many weekly posts as possible.

As we were actually trying and I am pretty sure when I ovulated (I go by my cervical mucus if anyone wants to know.) I knew I was late as I hadn't started on the Monday I was meant to, so I took a test on the Tuesday morning, and it came up pregnant.

That week I came down with a sickness bug (just what I didn't want, but all 3 of us got it!). 

Before I go any further my dating scan changed my dates so change over is a Thursday, rather than the Sunday which I thought it would be. Or am pretty sure is the day I ovulated. I know all babies develop differently. So I actually had this sickness bug in the beginning of week 6 as it hit on a Thursday!

As I recovered from that horrible bug I then started to experience pregnancy symptoms which were sore breasts along with shortness of breath. And starting to feel more hungry as well. I also had my pregnancy confirmed by a nurse at my GP's Surgery so I could book my Booking In appointment with my Midwife.

My breasts got more sore in week 7, and started feeling bruised and my nipples also started hurting. I can't remember having sore nipples when I was pregnant with Ben! The tired also kicked in as well, I have never felt tired like it before. I seriously have not been able to do hardly anything! Work has been such a struggle sometimes too. I'm lucky as we went on holiday when I was 9 weeks pregnant for 2 weeks so didn't have to worry about doing too much.

Week 7 is also when the sickness kicked in, and this lasted the rest of the trimester too. And normally got worse when I was really tired. So this wasn't much fun to cope with on holiday. Luckily I got through the whole trimester without actually being sick so that was good!

Week 7 was also when Steve noticed that my hips were already wider! Other than that I didn't notice much different in my waist during the first Trimester other than the evening bloat that came on every evening. But I'd wake up in the morning with a flat stomach.

All these symptoms then stayed for the whole trimester and longer!

I didn't have my dating scan until I was actually 13 weeks and 6 days! We decided against the screening tests, as we didn't have the Downs Syndrome test when we had bed. Every thing was fine, baby has 2 arms, 2 legs and she zoomed right up to the heart as well.

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