Wednesday, 10 April 2013

40 weeks & 3 days Pregnancy Update

Hello all,

So my due date has been and gone, it is frustrating to say the least. He'll come when he wants to come I suppose. I did however have back ache (like period pains) all last night, although that has eased off this morning. I woke up so many times last night, and was laying in bed this morning & just had to get up, I was fed up with lying in bed! I also think I may have had my show, but you can have this a month before or a few days before, or during labour itself.

I did buy a couple of sheets, and a blanket on Monday after my midwife appointment. Along with a little dog soft toy, that I'll be taking to the hospital with us. It said suitable from birth on the tag, so it's safe to be near him when he's first born.

I am super tired now though, must be the lack of sleep. I was going to do a bit of housework today, like yesterday. But I'm just going to relax, watch youtube videos and do some cross stitching. Although I will have to do the washing up before Steve gets home from work.

One thing I do hope is that we get released from hospital quite soon after birth. I know they can release you from 6 hours after. So in some ways I'm hoping I labour overnight, give birth in the morning, so we're home by the evening. Not that things work the way you want it.

I am so looking forward to holding him and the skin on skin, with just the 3 of us for about an hour after birth.

So on Monday, I was still 3/5th's engaged, same as two weeks previous, I didn't have a sweep done, as wasn't experiencing any tightenings (and still am not) and my midwife says it was a good decision, as she wouldn't either. I am booked in for another appointment on Tuesday, this is just another check-up (the last few appointments are pretty repetitive) and to book my induction if needed - although I'd much rather go into labour naturally. We'll see what happens. Hopefully my next little update will be after he's born.

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