Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pregnancy Update

Sorry about the wild hair in the above photo, oops!

My bump has got a lot bigger, but still pretty small compared to others at my late stage in pregnancy.

So my due date is on Sunday, I thought I'd be more nervous than what I am. In fact all I really want to do is go into labour! I'm fed up of waiting for him to arrive if I'm honest. Also I'm really uncomfortable & want to start getting back to normal as soon as possible. The good thing is it doesn't seem like I've put on any weight anywhere apart from my bump and my breasts have obviously got bigger. So I'm hoping that with breast feeding I'll be able to get into some size 12 jeans that I have a couple of weeks after giving birth. I was a size 10 before I was pregnant.

Health wise I'm feeling fine, I've had a pretty simple & easy pregnancy compared to others. Just had a few aches and pains.

My last midwife appointment was last Monday, he was 3/5th's engaged although it does feel like he's dropped a bit more since then. She also asked me if I'd experienced any Braxton Hicks, that answer is no (and still none a week later), but she did give the impression that I may be experiencing them and not feeling them. That makes me feel a bit better about labour & maybe the beginning of it & the contractions at the beginning won't be too bad (here's hoping). I'm experiencing a couple of pre-labour symptoms & have been for about 10 days. Although no one thinks he's going to come on time.

I'm trying to do a bit of housework each day just to move around a bit and keep the flat tidy and dust free for our little boy whenever he arrives. I know it's best to rest, but you're also meant to walk. But it's so cold outside and I'd much rather walk around the flat. Plus I don't want to go out on my own just incase I go into labour when I'm out.

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