Monday, 29 February 2016

Meal Plan 29/02/16

Sorry for long time no post, both Ben and I have had a horrible cold (and still do - but slowly getting better). We have literally just stayed in, not really wanting to do anything! I thought I'd start back with a simple meal plan post.

Monday - Ben's going to have spaghetti bolognese, I'm going to have some roasted veg (frozen), tomato pesto with pasta and some chicken. Steve will have pizza

Tuesday - Ben and I are off out for a Carvery for lunch with my family to celebrate my mums birthday. Steve is at work till 7PM and I'm off to the football, so he'll either do himself something or stop at the chippy on the way home.

Wednesday - There's half a jar of korma paste left in the fridge so I'll be using that up to make a chicken korma, Ben will have rice with his and Steve and I will have naan bread.

Thursday - I'll be having left over chilli with wedges for lunch. Steve will do something for himself and Ben

Friday - I'll be having left over chicken and chorizo jambalaya for lunch, Steve will again do something for himself and Ben.

Saturday - Takeaway

Sunday - Steve and Ben will go round Steve's parents for lunch. I'll have a pizza after work.

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