Monday, 12 January 2015

Ben's Christmas Presents 2014

I decided to take a break from blogging last week, as I was on holiday from work along with my boyfriend, and it's nice to spend some time together.

So I know this post is a bit late in coming, but I find it's still good for ideas of what to get a toddler that may be a relative or friends child. Ben was 20 months old at Christmas, so all toys were for 18 months or older.

 A water and Sand Table

 Clothes, shirt was from Sainsbury's, NYPD t-shirt was purchased in New York

 Plastic playfood - ELC
Play cans - Melissa and Doug

 Little Cooks Kitchen - ELC

 Musical Instruments - ELC

 Read with me Scout by Leapfrog

My Own Leaptop - Leapfrog

A selection of books 

Gruffalo puzzles
Wooden train by Carousel - Tesco
Wooden alphabet toy by Carousel - Tesco
My 1st JCB - Argos
My 1st dot-to-dot

 Toot Toot Drivers cars by Vtech

 Micky Mouse bowl and cup - Disney Store
Money box

Farm and accessories - Brushwood Toys 

 Puzzle - Melissa and Doug

Ben also received some money, that we're going to put in his Savings Account, but I'm going to buy him a nice new pair of Clarks shoes in the Spring as well.

Some things are obviously for when he is older, the farm set is aimed from 3 years and above. So this is currently in a cupboard out of the way, will probably set it up on his bedroom floor when he's older.

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