Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year and 2015 Resolutions

I'm sitting typing this out on my tablet, hoping it comes out okay, as I haven't done it before.

Would just like to say Happy New Year to you, and hope you all have a great evening and day tomorrow. I've put Ben to bed, although he is still awake as I type, so am just relaxing and finishing off my cider and also going to have some left over chocolate tort that my mum gave us.

Now on to my resolutions.

1. Be more organised, I've ordered my diary from amazon, just waiting for it to arrive, it's  an A5 day per page so I can write a nice long list of everything to do that day.

2. Keep up with my blog, as I think I've been quite good this year, but want to grow more, and branch my posts out a bit.

3. Bake more, I've loved the baking I've done in the lead up to Christmas, and want to do more throughout the year.

4. Eat healthier and cook more, I ordered a slowcooker today, and also a recipe book to use with it.

5. Work out, I think this is going to be in the form of youtube videos, I may also buy some DVDs. I really want to tone up, and lose a little bit of weight as well.

6. Be a good mum, I had this last year as well, but Ben is basically my life, and I love seeing him becoming a little boy, and teaching him new things. Although I in visage that this will be a tough year with the terrible twos, potty training and transferring to a bed.

7. Sort out the spare room and keep it tidy. It is a mess and basically has a load of junk in it. I get it tidy and then it all piles up again.

I'm off to watch James Bond Golden Eye now, the next posts will be our Christmas presents we recieved, sale shopping and a baking post.

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