Monday, 15 December 2014

Ben's Stocking Presents 2014

I thought I'd show you what I've got Ben for his stocking this year. He'll be 20 months at Christmas.

Bath toys, great stocking filler. Ben loves filling things up in the bath (he currently has a couple of old baby bath bottles), and I really wanted him to have some boats. Picked these up from The Works, think they are around £3-£4.

This is the book I chose for Ben's stocking, Playtown. I actually got this in Sainsbury's months ago, looks great, and Ben will love the lift up flaps.

Stickers! As Ben has stopped putting things that he shouldn't in his mouth I thought these would be good when we do some drawing.

I had to have something Christmas related, haha! Bought these from ELC when they had their 20% off a little while back.

Soft Touch Dinosaurs, Ben's been loving a little dinosaur that he got in a party bag, and his soft toy Jellycat dinosaur too, so thought these would be a good present.

Also picked this up from Sainsbury's months ago, they have good presents. I actually bought this because it was on offer, and wanted to get him something like this for Christmas any way.

Lastly and Gruffalo chocolate, we got this in Morrison's and it was £5.

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