Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Menorca Holiday 2015 - The First Week

The first week we just relaxed, well tried to, as it took a while for Ben to settle down into a new environment. We also were spending lots of time trying to get him to nap, which was really pointless as he wouldn't because he knew he was missing out on playing in the pool or the little soft play area.
We didn't put him in the Creche as you had to pay for it, and Kids Club starts at age 3. So cannot wait to go away again and get rid of him for the morning in the Kids Club (haha) but any fellow mummy's and daddy's know children take a lot of amusing, And it is our holiday too, and we can all do with some time to relax without the kids for an hour or two.
The soft play was great in the evening, Steve and I could sit just outside and have a drink and still be able to watch him. And there was always parents in the actual room watching their own children, and you're all just willing to watch each others children (must be he parent in us).
These are a few of the photos that we took during the first week.


My Pina Colada (yum!)

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