Thursday, 13 August 2015

Update #4

I have totally been slacking on the blogging since I went on holiday! I've not really had any enthusiasm to blog, but I'm hoping that is back now.

We had a lovely holiday, and I will be doing blogposts on that soon.

Since we got back (and whilst we were away) Ben has been having sleep issues as well as attachment issues. I'm actually thinking it may be time to drop his nap, as I struggle every day to get him to have one, and then it's a struggle at night to get him to sleep. For example yesterday he finally dropped off just after 3PM, then woke up after an hour, then managed to fall asleep on me downstairs, of which I left him there till I needed the toilet, haha! But then he didn't fall asleep till 10PM, and still woke up at 7:30AM today. He is tired if he doesn't nap, but I figured he will get used to it eventually, and hopefully go down easier at night. I'm thinking about introducing quiet time instead, where I'll leave him in his bedroom for an hour on his own with some books and toys, so I can get things done like housework or blogging, or a workout if I'm really lucky (these have also gone out of the window due to lack of time).

To help me with my blogging I have purchased a laptop, so I can blog downstairs from the sofa if Ben is being a good boy and entertaining himself - we will see how this works out, when I get back into it fully next week.

Just as I actually want to blog we're off on another holiday in just under a month, back to France, so I will be taking a break then. And there is no internet access, as it's Steve's parents house, so will be nice to get away from the Internet for a while, sometimes you just need to switch off!

Now off to get Ben up, as he's obviously not going to nap today, he has always been one for not sleeping much.

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