Thursday, 27 August 2015

Menorca Holiday 2015 - Trip to Mahon

At the beginning of our second week we booked a trip through Thomson to visit Mahon, the capital of Menorca. We chose this trip because it was suitable for families, and Steve and I always like to visit another part of the island/country that we visit other than just the town we stay in. It also had time to wander around the town by ourselves - which I really liked the sound of. We got picked up at the hotel pretty early, but enough time to fit in some eggs on toast for breakfast. We had around 2 hours to wander around the town, the trip is done on market days, so we could have a look there to pick up some bargains, we did have a little look around at the end, but we mostly had a little wander around and stopped for a drink in a café.
We then went on a boat trip, this lasted around an hour, around Mahon harbour. This is where all the really expensive homes are! Some of them looked great. There was a bar on the boat supplying drinks and snacks. You do get told some information about what you are seeing whilst on the boat as well. I sat inside with Ben, whilst Steve went outside to take some pictures. If Ben was a bit older we all would have gone out together. You also get the option to go downstairs to look at the fish, again Steve did this on his own, as I didn't know what Ben would have been like.
There was also a quick trip to a Gin Distillery where, basically you just visit the shop, as neither of us drink gin this didn't interest us at all. But the bottles did look really good, and would make a good collectors item!
There is a tour guide, we had a lovely woman who told us lots of information about the island, including stories.
Overall I would recommend this trip, only if you don't plan on hiring a car, as then you can visit Mahon yourself. Neither of us drive and we thought as you get time to walk around on your own it's work doing it this way rather than getting the bus, as it was less stress and hassle.

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