Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Menorca Holiday 2015 - The Second Week

So I know this post has been a long time coming, as I said in my previous post now Ben is attending pre-school I have more time. He's there as I'm writing this post, and I've just done loads of housework, and now have 40 minutes before he needs picking up.
So these are some photos from the second week of our holiday, all the way back in June. But I have still decided to post them, as some of you may be looking into where you would like to visit next Summer.

Where are you thinking of going on holiday next year, we're thinking Turkey or another Spanish island.


  1. Oh wow really want a holiday now!! Going to be taking the twins away early next year hopefully so this is fab :) Thanks for sharing. lovely snaps xx

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy your holiday when it comes around xx