Monday, 2 November 2015

Weekly Meal Plan #3

This is our meal plan for the week

Monday - left over spaghetti bolognaise (I always freeze left overs if possible)
Tuesday - Hot dogs, normally do Ben a few chips and corn to have with his sausage
Wednesday - Chicken Enchilada's, will be using the Morrisons enchilada pack for this.
Thursday - Fray Bentos chicken pie for me, probably with some frozen corn. Ben and Steve will have tortellini and tomato and mascarpone sauce
Friday - Freezer meal, possibly battered cod and sweet potato fries. Steves away on his brothers stag do. My sister is taking Ben to Pizza Hut whilst I'm at work.
Saturday - Steves still away, so Ben and I are having some party food as a treat, hehe!
Sunday - Not too sure, Steves home and I'm at work all day so neither of us will want to cook, so either take-away or what ever is in the cupboard/freezer.

It is also Bens first week at Pre-school this week. He has been a nightmare the last couple of days as we were round my parents for Halloween and he went to be later, and hasn't caught up on sleep yet. So early tea and then bath and bed for him, as if he wakes up earlier tomorrow it will give us longer to get ready so won't bother me too much. Hoping to start posting regularly again soon. I do have a few posts planned in my head!

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