Thursday, 21 January 2016

What Ben got for Christmas 2015

This is the last of the Christmas presents posts for this past Christmas! We have quite big families (Steve and I are both 1 of 3 children) and with Great Aunts and Uncles and Great Grandparents on both sides as well. So he did receive a lot (I still haven't opened them all!) and he did get some money as well.

From his Uncle Matt and Aunty Jenn Ben got these lovely wooden toys! The two vehicles are from Sainsbury's and the blocks from Morrisons.

All these car sets are from B&M, the smaller basic cars are from our work friend, and the others are from Nanna and Grandad.

These are from Great Grandma and Great Grandad (unfortunately Ben already has this Duplo set, but extra Duplo is good, and it's just gone in his box with the rest of his Duplo). Hoping that Ben will be better at drawing next Christmas to have a go with the book.

Here we have a selection of Gruffalo products that Ben received. I have no idea where the apron is from but the rest is from Sainsburys (they always have really good Gruffalo products in there!). These are from various friends/family.

We love books in this house! Ben is currently loving the Percy book (I remember these from when I was younger), and sticker books are always a winner. Again these are from various family members.

This is a Radiator Springs car track by Mattel, from Uncle Ian and Aunty Lucy. You crank the handle up and down to move Lightning McQueen up the ramp, and he then slides down.

The Fisherprice Little People City Skyway is great! You put the car down (it comes with 2 cars) and it goes one of three different ways down. Ben seems to have taken to driving the cars up the tower, and will also put his smaller cars down it as well. This was from his Grandma and Grandad.

A lovely Duplo Cars set and this train set (from ELC) are from his Aunty Weeza.

Mack filled with some diecast Cars from Cars 2. Ben loves this, but the cars don't seem to be the best quality (I've had to glue on spoilers and cars have lost side mirrors).

Some Vtech Toot Toot Drivers sets. I've only put together the Garage at the moment, These are from us and I bought the extra tracks so we can connect all his sets together. 

Games and puzzles! Ben loves puzzles (and he's pretty good at them too), We haven't played many games with him yet though. Hoping we can find time to sit down and play games during our week off soon.

Some little extras, a airplane to learn to unscrew and screw back together. Chocolate, and a Space Projector Torch.

Some extras to go with his kitchen a kettle and tea set - I've wanted these for Ben forever and they were always out of stock.

A baking set, again to go along with his kitchen. And a Cash Register to start teaching him about money and we can then play shops.

A massive selection of Alfie books. Now Ben's nearly 3 I wanted to get him some longer books to read, as we can read 2 or 3 at a time.

Lastly a couple of characters out of Planes and Cars.

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