Thursday, 14 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

I love seeing what other people have received for Christmas! So here is what I got.

A Slanket from my sister, Louisa, she lives in hers and loves it so much. I love it too, so nice to sit all snuggled up in it, and sometimes Ben will come and snuggle up with me, and Steve has used it too.

A pair of leaf earrings and Nativity on DVD, again from Louisa, so kept asking me if I'd seen Nativity yet as again she loves it. We haven't seen it yet, am saving it till next Christmas.

A Hollister t-shirt, I love the colour coral on me in the Summer, so flattering! A pair of stud earrings and a check scarf both from New Look. These were from my other sister Julia and her boyfriend.

Two sets of mugs, the pack of four are by a brand called Symphony (never heard of them before) and were from my Aunty and Uncle. The other pack of 2 are from Next and were from Steve's mums cousin. These were joint presents for the both of us.

Smellies, everyone always gets them for Christmas right? The Philosophy shower gel is from Steve's brother and his wife, the Clarindon and Co set were from Steve's other brother and girlfriend, the Burts Bees set is from my Grandma and Grandad. The final thing is some Laura Ashley body polisher from the same Aunty and Uncle that got us the mugs.

Anything to do with making our house smell nice is good with me. Got 2 candles, and a reed diffuser. The bigger candle is by Linea and from my Aunty and Uncle again. The mini one is by Wax Lyrical and a little something extra from the in-laws. The the diffuser is from one of my cousins and her boyfriend.

A lovely pack of biscuits from my sister and her boyfriend (these are to all 3 of us). The Walkers shortbread are from my other cousin and his wife and son. And some little chocolates were a little extra from Steve's brother and his wife.

These were from my mum and dad (my mum knows I love hot chocolate). The glass mug was from Sainsbury's, and the set was from QVC, but Whittards do have their own website as well.

A Harry Potter re-usable bag that came from the Harry Potter Studio Tour, as my family went there for my sisters birthday, now we all have matching bags, haha!

A lovely silver photo frame from M&S, I just need to print off a nice photo of Ben to put in it, and keep on my bedside table.

Lastly from my parents I got this gorgeous Laura Gellar make-up set. I need to get it out have a good experiment with it all soon. The powder foundation will come in handy when we go on holiday I think!

Steve and Ben got me these rose gold Pandora bow earrings, I love them! And I love rose gold too, I did choose these myself (we normally choose our presents from each other).

From Steve's parents I received another lovely Pandora charm (it matches the one I got for my birthday from them). The colour is lovely!

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