Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good night last night whether you stayed in (like us) or went out. I also hope you all enjoy spending some time together as a family today! We are having a lazy day, although I have laundry to do and some cupcakes to ice. And then going round my sisters later. I also wish everyone a happy and healthy 2016.

A little re-cap on this year: I got a managers position at work and turned it down, as I would like to concentrate on my family and also on my blog, and not worry about getting so stressed at work. I now feel a lot happier about going to work and don't spend time thinking about it at home as much! We had 2 holidays, one to Menorca, Ben's first time on a plane. And our second to France again. We also had some sad news as Steve's nan passed away, but Steve's brother also got married. Took a big step with Ben and got him into a Pre-school, which he loves. And I love the extra free time to get things done around the house as well. We had a great Christmas spending time with mine and Steves families.

What do I hope for in the next year? For Ben to continue progressing well, and to extend his hours at his Pre-school when we can get his 15 free hours. And hopefully he'll become less clingy towards me as he gets older as well. To hopefully persuade Steve to have another baby! He's going on about putting some of Ben's toys in the loft, so he can't be as negative about it as he is saying! As we still have everything of Ben's anyway! To be more organised - now Ben is at Nursery this has become a lot easier. I did have this as an aim for 2015 as well, I have improved but feel I can still do better. I now do more things on the days I work! I also want to take more care in myself, Just little things like moisturising daily, and looking after my nails and hands properly (they take their toll because of where I work). And do my hair properly, it looks so scruffy half the time as I don't do anything with it, and just let it air dry!


  1. Well done on getting the manager's position but I also think it is so honourable to turn it down to focus on your family. Some things in life are just more important than work :)
    Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, some things are more important than work, especially as Ben is still young.


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