Thursday, 27 November 2014

Our Daily Schedule at 19 months

8:00-8:30am - This is the time that Ben roughly wakes up, it used to be 7am not that long ago. But recently he seems to be sleeping a bit longer at night, which I love as I feel much more awake. Once Ben's awake I go get him up, sometimes bring him in to see Daddy, and spend a little time in our bed, before we go downstairs. Ben has some milk and plays whilst I have a big mug of tea.

9:00-9:30am - We usually have breakfast around this time, I normally asks Ben if he's hungry and wants breakfast. He then has a little more play time.

9:30am - This is the time I like to get us dressed, I put Ben in his highchair whilst I shower, wash, get dressed etc. I also choose Ben's outfit for the day, before I go down and get him, clean his teeth then get him dressed.

10:00am - Back downstairs and Ben has more play time, whilst I put on a load of washing and do the washing up.

11:00am - I try to have some playtime with Ben, but also maybe get a bit of housework in as well. We also do some learning in this time,

12:00pm - Lunchtime for Ben, I'll sometimes eat as well, depends on if I'm hungry or not.

12:30-1:00pm - Nap Time. I always try and give Ben his nap straight after lunch. He doesn't go to sleep straight away, normally has a little play with his toys and then falls asleep. Whilst Ben naps I try to get some more housework done, and have my lunch. And if I'm lucky have a bit of me time.

2:30-3:00pm - Ben normally wakes up around this time, but if he doesn't fall asleep till later, he'll nap till 4:00pm or sometimes later. He'll have his afternoon snack and milk when he wakes.

3:30pm - More playtime

5:30-6:00pm - I like to get started on cooking dinner whilst Ben entertains himself.

6:30-7:00pm - Dinner time

7:30pm - Bed time routine, which is a bath or shower, followed by lotion, teeth brushing, pyjamas and sleeping bag on and then we read. Ben chooses his own books, we just have a few on the floor so he picks which one's he wants to listen to.

8:00pm - Bed time, we try and have him down in bed by this time, sometimes it's not bang on time though.

Not every day is the same but this is the general routine we try to go by. Like every Monday we normally try and get out of the house for 10:30am, which normally means shopping. And on Thursdays and Fridays I work in the evening. And on Saturday mornings we do our weekly food shop. I also work Sundays and Ben normally goes round his grandparents with Daddy.

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