Thursday, 20 November 2014

Toddler Haul - Tu, H&M, Next, Matalan and Nutmeg

Sorry it's another clothing haul for Ben, but I always find it's nice to see what is currently in the shops, without actually walking around them all, haha!

These items are all from Tu by Sainsbury's, my mum actually purchased these when there was 25% off their clothing (something the do quite regularly). The tops came as a pack of three, and are in perfect Autumn colours, and go really well with the trousers (which are double lined).

These shirts I purchased from H&M. I always like to have a few shirts for Ben to wear so he can look smarter if we're going out some where nice.

These were all purchased from Matalan - I hadn't been in there for ages. I chose these because they're both purple, a different colour, I like that. And he has that purple cardigan that his Great Nan bought him whilst we were in France, and it would look great as an extra layer. We also needed some socks, I was finding that I kept washing one of a pair and would be left with only a couple of pairs to choose from, plus these are actually done in shoe sizes, rather than by age. And they're slightly bigger than the socks he's been wearing recently so should last him a while.

I love getting into the Christmas spirit, and Ben is gradually growing out of his 12-18 month sleepsuits. These pair of pyjamas are by Nutmeg (find them in Morrisons) and was part of their baby range as that goes up to 24 months. I think these were £6.

I was on a hunt for some 18-24 month trousers/jeans with adjustable waist and would look good turned up and had an inner lining. Next came to my rescue! I love the children's clothes in there, every time I go in I find something I like. These all cost around £12.

Lastly some more Christmas items, these were from Matalan. He'll be wearing the elf top on 1st December. The reindeer sleepsuit I'll be saving to go in his Christmas Eve box, but the other he'll be wearing from the beginning of December. The top was only £4 (and is printed front and back) and the sleepsuits were a pack of two for £8.

Sorry I can't remember all the prices, but nothing was overly expensive.

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