Saturday, 26 July 2014

Life Update #1

I hope you're all enjoying my sudden increase in posts, I totally had a spur to post more, and aim to try and get 2 posts up a week. Every now and again I'd also like to just write little update posts on what is going on in my life, and a little look at things to come on my blog.

So yesterday, I wrote down loads of blog posts titles, as they all just jumped into my head. I'm trying to do some beauty, fashion, baby/toddler and life related posts. As you know if you've read my previous posts we are going on holiday, and I have a list of posts focused around that too. And I'm hoping to still be able to upload scheduled posts whilst away.

We are going to the South of France again with Steve's parents, his nan and her friend. Exactly like last year, we both can't wait just to get away. And by then we'd have worked 3 and a half months without any time off work. And Ben should be able to take more in this year. I'm already planning what to take even though we don't go until September.

All 3 of us went out for a meal to celebrate my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary nearly two weeks ago now, We went to a restaurant called The Belgian Monk, I chose a chicken kebab (which was massive) and it came beautifully presented. And then for dessert I had a trio of chocolate puddings. Ben also shared with me, and had some of his Great Grandmas bread roll as well.

My sister had a great idea of doing a surprise party celebration as well, so more family could celebrate, this is actually taking place today! I will try and take lots of photos so I can do a post about it. So both my sisters and I have arranged this. It's been a bit harder for me to purchase items as I don't know what my sisters have bought already. Yesterday my sister came over and we spent the day getting a few more things sorted, bought and made.

On Wednesday we're off out for another meal, this time at The Trafford Arms, as my Aunty who lives in Singapore is back for a few days, and it will be good to have a proper catch up. She only comes back once, or twice a year.

Thank you for reading x

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