Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mum & Dad's Surprise 30th Wedding Anniversary Party

Mum and Dad's surprise party was great! They totally didn't have a clue whilst they were out with my mum's brother and his wife (in other words my aunty and uncle). My Aunty text my cousin and said :) It all went to plan, apart from my parents didn't go in the front door, they came all the way round the back and in the conservatory door. Even thought all the cars were for someone else doing something. We spent the afternoon decorating and setting up. The middle one of us 3 baked the cake and did most of he homemade food, whilst my other sister put up some decorations then went off to Sainsbury's with her boyfriend to pick up last minute food and paper plates and cutlery etc. Steve put together the outside table and chairs and cleaned them down, whilst I looked after Ben. And then I put up a few decorations, and helped organise the food etc. on the table.

I think the biggest surprise for mum and dad were that my cousins came (my dads sisters 2 boys who live around 3 hours away), they caught the coach up by themselves, it was lovely to see them again as well. And also my Aunty Sarah (dads sister) and Uncle Martin, who live in Singapore, and had said they weren't coming over till this week, so they didn't even realise they were in the country.

It was a lovely day seeing family members we hadn't seen for ages, some hadn't met Ben or even Steve.

 Dad came in first.

Then mum

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