Thursday, 10 July 2014

Haul - River Island, Primark and The Body Shop

With the impending holiday, I really wanted to buy some new earrings, for some reason I always like new earrings to wear on holiday. Very strange.

I picked up these three sets from River Island, they have some really nice pieces for very reasonable prices. As you can see these were all £2 each.

I also found this set of earrings for £1.50 in Primark, if they go a funny colour or you lose them it doesn't really matter for how little you pay for them. I went for a silver set, as I normally go for gold stud earrings, and I love the pale pink colour that's on some of them. I also picked up this daisy bun hair tie. I already have a hair doughnut, that I don't use much, but thought on a hot day with this hair tie around it to help cover any left over hair it would look really pretty and add a little something extra.

Lastly I stopped off in The Body Shop, I must be honest and say I haven't been in there in years. But with people raving about the Chamomile Cleansing Oil (£10.00), and the Raspberry Body Scrub (£12.50), I had to go and purchase them to see what all the fuss is about. I also picked up this Blueberry Body Scrub (£5.50) as it was in the sale.

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