Monday, 27 April 2015

Basic Holiday Pack List - Carry On

I thought I would do a general post on what I pan to pack in mine and Ben's carry on and then do a post later on, to show you everything we're taking. Steve will have his own and sort it out himself, haha!

So this is what I plan on taking, and will split it between mine and Ben's bags:

Tablet & charger
Phone (can use my tablet charger to charge this up)
Kindle & charger
Camera & charger
Ipod, earphones & charger
Magazines (for me)
A few make-up bits, calpol, teetha sachets
Ben's activity pack - books, sticker books, activity book, crayons, cars, flash cards & pack of cards for him to play with (he loves cards)

I also hope to do a post after we get back on what we found helpful. I also may add a few extras to Ben's activity pack between now and when we go.

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