Friday, 3 April 2015

Ben's Easter presents 2015

I have decided against doing an Easter basket for Ben, although I love the idea. When I was younger my mum would hide all mine and my sisters Easter Eggs around the house for us to find. I really want to start doing this with Ben, but will be starting next year as he's still a bit too young to grasp the concept of finding them. Instead I'll be leaving out all his Easter presents on the floor in the lounge for when he get's up. I'll probably pop down on Sunday morning to get them out as I am at work till 8PM tomorrow. So I'll literally eat then get in bed and watch Casualty.

Firstly we have some chocolate, a Milkybar Farm which has a chocolate egg and cow, a small Freddo faces egg, and a pack of Kinder Mini Eggs.

Then we have the pack of First Fabulous Facts book, that you may recognise from my previous post. Along with these we've also got Ben a dinosaurs colouring book that was from Sainsbury's and an Easter sticker book by Usborne. Usborne do a fantastic range of sticker and activity books. And we will be taking some on holiday with us. so I thought I'd get him an Easter one so he can grasp the idea of what to do before we go.

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