Friday, 12 September 2014

Holiday Series: Food and Drinks

These are most of the snacks and drinks that I have decided to pack to take with us. The bottles of water are for our overnight stay at the hotel. I've also got bottles of baby juice, and will be packing two straw cups with water. I've packed a couple of Hipp Organic toddler meals, just in case there's nothing that Ben will eat if we're out. Then we've basically got some crisps, some Ella's Kitchen snacks and some fruit snacks as well. Then for myself & Steve we have Eat Natural bars.

I'm trying to use up all of Bens snacks that are open, and any of mine too, anything open will be getting added to our snack collection.

This is scheduled on the day we actually leave, and I will have hardly any access to the Internet whilst I'm gone, so I'm hoping all scheduled posts will go up as planned.

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