Monday, 15 September 2014

Holiday Series: Packing

This was the state of our spare room until I started packing. This is mostly just my things and a few of Ben's items. I did add most of Ben's clothes and Steve added his the day before I packed. I like to get everything together and pack gradually. I like to get the toiletries and my make-up sorted into bags, and my hair accessories and jewellery as well. I also like to gather all the clothes and shoes together as well. Just so it's all there ready for when I do pack. I did pack downstairs, so I took several trips up and down the stairs.

I pack all the heavier clothing items at the bottom of the suitcase, as most of the time the suitcase will be in the top box of the car. I also like to do bottoms first, so trousers and shorts, and then add in the t-shirts. I use the common rolling method for all the clothes.

As all three of us are using one suitcase it's quite stressful trying to get everything in! Last year I actually had to take a lot out, and Steve decided to not count his tops and gave me like 12 to pack! Haha! This year I'm much more prepared, and added a few maybe items to my pile (although I did not include them, and did have to take out a couple of things), and also with having an overnight bag this year we have a bit of extra space. We also have 2 toiletry bags not in the suitcase. One which has our overnight products in and one with everything else in. We also have a pack of nappies and a packet of wipes to go somewhere.

Ahead of packing the suitcase I sorted out our car bags; Ben's bag of toys, the changing bag and my bag, and the overnight bag.

Sometimes it can be stressful, and sometimes you can forget things. Which is one of the reasons I like to gather things together and add to the pile gradually.I also made a list as a rough guide to know what to take.

It does make it harder to pack having Ben, we have to take more. I think the hardest thing is finding room for his snacks and drinks in all the bags! Atleast it will be easier on the way back as we'll use up things.

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