Thursday, 4 September 2014

Travelling with a 5 Month Old

When we went to France with Ben for the first time last year, he was around 5 months old. So I thought I would do a post on our experience, and I will be doing the same when we get back this year.

Firstly, if you can try and travel some part of the journey overnight. We actually stay in Steve's parents house that they own, and travel by car with them. They always like to leave at around 3am every time they go and stay there anyway, so it works out perfectly. You can just transfer them from their bed to carseat. The car movement helps them to drift back to sleep easily.

Also best to feed them some milk and change their nappy before setting off.

If they have a favourite toy make sure you have that with you as well, and we also took Bens blanket to keep him covered in the car, and have something else familiar for him. We actually took a number of soft toys, Ben didn't really have a favourite.

Make sure you try to time stops for when they're due for a feed. Ben was still feeding every 3/4 hours at 5 months. And that timed perfectly with our only stop until we got to the ferry port. Steve's parents like to stop every 2/3 hours anyway for a drink/food/leg stretch/toilet break. So I just made sure I fed him every time we stopped.

Sit next to your child, or have someone they know well sitting next to them, so if they do get frustrated you can amuse them.

And don't forget the essentials, nappies, wipes, a couple of changes of clothes, formula and bottles.

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