Thursday, 5 February 2015

Organisation - Our Weekly Routine

I've told you about our daily routine (which is still pretty much the same). I wanted to show you our weekly routine, how I fit in cleaning, blogging and work around looking after Ben and still getting time to myself.

On Monday's I try to clean the bottom floor of the house. This includes tidying, dusting and cleaning the lounge, cleaning the shower room and also the kitchen. I also have the bathroom and kitchen floors to mop, although I don't do this every week, although I probably should. I also do some loads of washing, towels and work shirts are done EVERY Monday, and then another load after if needed.

Is when I do the upstairs of the house, Which includes the bathroom, bedrooms and spare room. I also try to get some ironing done. And also any loads of washing and sorting the laundry out from the day before.

.I keep clear for doing little extra's around the house if I feel like it! And also for doing more washing and sorting of laundry. I do a load of washing nearly every day apart from Sundays'.

Bed changing day as this is the day Steve starts work earliest so I can get it done the earliest and in to wash earliest! I also work on Thursdays, so like to relax more whilst Ben naps

I prefer not to do anything! Well apart from the daily washing up and laundry. I also plan the meals for the week ahead and write the shopping list.

We do our weekly food shop every Saturday morning. Before we go I always put on a load of washing of our work trousers and aprons. Then once we're back Steve hoovers and I put the food shopping away and then hang up the washing and maybe put another load in. Before tidying up the lounge ready for hoovering (Steve starts upstairs). Then I like to go upstairs and tidy up both bedrooms and put more laundry away!

Sundays I work a full shift at work so I don't do any cleaning after work, I like to relax and spend some time as a family before putting Ben to bed.

Every day I like to make the bed, and we also do a couple of loads of washing up between us every day. Also if we're going out on a certain day I'll have to arrange the housework around it or complete it the day before or after.

Regards as to my blogging I fit that in where possible, if Ben's being a good boy and is happy playing by himself I'll sometimes pop on my computer and write a post of two whilst he's up. I mostly have to take photos when he's napping, and try to get them taken when it's a nice clear day, as photos taken in natural light are so much better.

Time to myself mostly comes in the evenings when Ben is in bed, this is when I cross-stitch, catch up on reading blogs and watch youtube videos. If Ben's still asleep once the house work is done then I do get some time to relax then.

I'm thinking about doing a post on how I use my diary and also my monthly calendar printable to keep track of my days and also money etc. As this is part of my new years resolution to be more organised, and I'm always looking for organisation inspiration.

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