Thursday, 26 February 2015

Project Spare Room #1

If you read my New Years Resolution post, you'd know that one of my aims for the year is to become more organised, this includes tidying and sorting out the spare room. As you can see from these before photos it is basically a junk room for where I store/put things that don't have a place. And I have a habit of bringing things upstairs that I don't want down stairs and putting them in this room - which I really need to stop doing and put them away.



This is the current state of the room, loads better than before. I finally got rid of the pile of clothes that I no longer want, I put them in an Oxfam bank at Sainsbury's as they either sell on or recycle them if not in good condition,

I've broken down a couple of big boxes and sorted out the wrapping paper/bags/accessories and put them all away in a cupboard. I also sorted out the pile of paper/magazines into piles, I've just got to go through them see if I want to keep them, or parts of them for info or recipes or something.

The next thing I'm going to do I think it put the pile of Ben's clothes in a plastic box to keep, for any future children. And sort out the top of the dressing table.

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  1. You've already made a big difference. Hopefully it won't fill it back up afterwards ;-)