Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recent Purchases #2

Time for another recent purchases post, I seem to have collected up enough items. Although look out for a post on some books that I have purchased next week.

Turquoise dress £10 from Boohoo

Coral dress £12 from Boohoo

 Bikini coverup maxi dress from New Look this was £16.99

 My mum purchased this for Ben from Tu at Sainsburys

 T-shirt and sweatshirt both John Lewis

Suitcase this is for Ben as we only had our own suitcases and a small cabin sized one. This was from TK Maxx and cost £45.

 T-shirts (all £1.30) and shorts (£6 I think) all Primark

 Short and t-shirt sets £5 and £6 from Primark (I thought these would be good on holiday for day trips or putting on for breakfast and lunch)

Shorts all from Nutmeg at Morrisons were £5 or £6

As you can tell this is all holiday shopping. Ben didn't have anything and I really wanted some new bits to wear, I like to dress up in the evening, and want Ben to look fairly smart too.

Ben's Great Nan has bought him some bits, so they'll be in my next recent purchases post I would imagine.

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